But this I know

Beams of heaven as I go
through this wilderness below
guide my feet in peaceful ways
turn my midnights into days
When in the darkness I would grope
faith always sees a star of hope
and soon from all life’s grief and danger
I shall be free someday

Burdens now may crush me down
disappointments, they’re all around
troubles speak in mournful sigh
sorrow through a tear-stained eye
There is a world where pleasure reigns
no mourning soul shall roam its plains
and to that land of peace in glory
I’ve got to go someday

I do not know how long it will be
nor what the future holds for me
but this I know, this I know:
if Jesus leads me
I shall go home someday

5 thoughts on “But this I know

  1. Beautiful words, Teresa. Thank you for sharing them. Glad to be back online; what a treassure it is to get back to reading your blog.

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