If you are not as wicked as others.


From “The unsearchable riches of Christ” by Thomas Brooks.

If you are not as wicked as others.

“By the grace of God I am what I am!” 1 Corin. 15:10

Whatever evil you behold in other men’s practices,realize that you have the same evil in your own nature.

There is the seed of all sins,of the vilest and worst of sins—in the best of men. When you see a drunkard—you may see the seed of that sin in your own nature. When you see an immoral man—you may see the seeds of immorality in your own nature. If you are not as wicked as others—it is not because of the goodness of your nature—but from the riches of God’s grace!

Remember this—there is not a worse nature in hell than that which is in you,and it would manifest itself accordingly—if the Lord did not restrain it!

There was one who was a long time tempted to three horrid sins: to be drunk,to lie with his mother,and to murder his father. Being a long time followed with these horrid temptations,at last he thought to get rid of them,by yielding to what he judged the least, and that was to be drunk; but when he was drunk,he did both lie with his mother and murdered his father.

Why,such a hellish nature is in every soul that breathes! And did God leave men to act according to their natures, all men would be incarnate devils,and this world a total hell. In your nature you have that that would lead you . . . with the Pharisees—to oppose Christ; and with Judas—to betray Christ; and with Pilate—to condemn Christ; and with the soldiers—to crucify Christ.

Oh,what a monster,what a devil you would be—should God but leave you to act suitable to that sinful and woeful nature of yours!

“By the grace of God I am what I am!” 1 Corin. 15:10



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4 responses to “If you are not as wicked as others.

  1. Ruth

    Ahh, T… may God bless you, my friend, for sharing His truths in so many ways through your blog, in your walk, and in your talk… When I look to the world, I see “me of old” everywhere and remember a time not so long ago at all when I justified my sin and thought it not so bad compared to others. I tried to convince myself I was good, had pride that I was better than others, but was making excuses always, covering my sin over, hiding from it…always hiding and never at peace. I was nothing but the vilest worm and despicable sinner before God, by His grace and in His mercy, shattered and changed my heart of stone… oh. I didn’t know what true repentance was until he brought me there!…and opened my eyes and ears to His truth… I know full well that it’s all of Him, every fathom, every iota. When I can’t fathom how people of this world make the decisions they do, all I have to do is remember who and where I’d be without Christ, someone I can’t bear to think about much less look back upon…I’m sad when I need the reminder as I shouldn’t ever so thank you for this post.

    Recent events have served to remind me that I must look even more to Christ and have eyes for Him and Him alone. Though my eyes have turned more heavenward in recent years, I realize I still found this earthly home far too comfy. We don’t know when He’ll come again but we must be on the alert and be ready. In the meantime, I pray that I will help advance His Kingdom work into the lives of others in gentleness and love but with boldness, wherever and whenever He provides opportunity.

    What a blessed way to start the day, T. You encourage me, build me up, and keep me humble. And precious of precious memories, you’ve joined me in earnest and fervent prayer in times of great need and rejoice with me in worship and thanksgiving. You are such a dear and precious sister and friend. I thank you for this post and I thank God for you, daily. ❤

  2. “Remember this—there is not a worse nature in hell than that which is in you,and it would manifest itself accordingly—if the Lord did not restrain it!”

    We can sure get high and mighty sometimes can’t we Teresa? These words sure knock that out in a jiffy. Thank you for posting this. I hope you are well these days my friend.

  3. Teresa

    Love you Diane, thank you for stopping by. I apologize, I have not had a computer for a few weeks, only my phone so I am just now reading everyone’s comments. This was a blessing for me to read, so thankful it was for you too.

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