All to the Glory of God

Hello friends,

I have been a sporadic blogger lately, and a frustrated one as well. It’s with much prayer that I endeavor to bring God glory with my life, whatever that means at the moment. At this moment it means I am having a hard time with my hands and joints in particular. I have really struggled with sadness, complaining and frustration and I know those are all wrong reactions to my situation right now. I have decided to give my hands a rest and trust God with whatever he’s doing in my life, and to praise Him and honor him in any way that I can. That means being thankful for pain,  taking my fears and frustration to the cross and trusting Him no matter the outcome. In the meantime He’s blessed me with a wonderful camera that helps me take much better photos. I am going to try to honor God on this blog with a few of them while my hands do a little healing. Love and peace to you all, and I pray I can get back to typing and posting more soon.




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6 responses to “All to the Glory of God

  1. Marianne

    You make me smile!

  2. Praying for you Lady. The furnace of affliction is a difficult place to be — I won’t deny it, and physical pain adds to it in every way. May God bless this time at His feet. May He heal your body and speak peace to your soul.

  3. Teresa

    Thank you so much my friend! It is a hard place but God has given me so much of his grace. I am thankful, even though it hurts sometimes. 🙂

  4. I pray you can get back to typing and posting more soon, Sweet T. God bless you ♥

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