Christ prays for His own.

Jesus's High Priestly Prayer

“I pray for them…” — John 17:9a

I was thinking today about what it feels like to be safe. I had one of those moments where you realize you had forgotten what something feels like….I don’t know if anyone would understand what I am trying to say but it’s a very odd, almost shameful feeling. As if I had somehow lost hold of an ounce of humility and it scared me.  I was just going along, minding my business when I remembered what it felt like to feel unsafe and in danger and it really bothered me. Not the memory but the fact that I take feeling at peace and feeling safe in Christ for granted and it shamed me.

I remember being a teenager and having asthma attacks that were pretty bad. I often ended up in the emergency room for breathing treatments. I remember praying and wishing that I would be sick enough to have to stay and not be sent back home. I had forgotten all about this and it used to embarrass me greatly. I had no idea what it was like to feel cared for or comforted or safe. . I remember apologizing to Nurses for being sick and feeling strange and guilty for being there and receiving medical attention. They had nice clean sheets and hot meals and they cared. Sometimes it seemed like the safest place on earth in my little world and I was so grateful.

It’s so easy to take for granted not ever feeling like this now and I don’t want to let go of this memory.  I cannot imagine ever going back there but yet I want to remember more often, and I want it to hurt so I never, ever forget to be thankful. I have so much emotion swirling around in my heart and in my head and I don’t quite know how to put it into words. I found this piece by J.C. Ryle and it explains what I am trying to say and come to terms with.

Christ prays for us, and we are indeed His own. Ever the comforter, ever the rock we stand on and cling to. He makes our salvation sure and I am comforted in that and so many more of his promises that I don’t deserve. I have found safety and I never ever want to take Christ for granted.

J.C. Ryle,

This special intercession of the Lord Jesus is one grand secret of the believer’s safety. He is daily watched, and thought for, and provided for with unfailing care, by One whose eye never slumbers and never sleeps. Jesus is “able to save them to the uttermost who come unto God by Him, because He ever lives to make intercession for them.” (Heb. 7:25.) They never perish, because He never ceases to pray for them, and His prayer must prevail. They stand and persevere to the end, not because of their own strength and goodness, but because Jesus intercedes for them. Judas fell never to rise again; while Peter fell, but repented, and was restored. The reason of the difference lay under those words of Christ to Peter, “I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not.” (Luke 22:32.)

The true servant of Christ ought to lean back his soul on the truth before us, and take comfort in it. It is one of the peculiar privileges and treasures of a believer, and ought to be well known. However much it may be wrested and abused by false professors and hypocrites, it is one which those who really feel in themselves the workings of the Spirit should hold firmly and never let go. Well says the judicious Hooker–”No man’s condition so safe as ours–the prayer of Christ is more than sufficient both to strengthen us, be we ever so weak; and to overthrow all adversary power, be it ever so strong and potent.”

taken from: Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of John, exposition on John 17:9-16



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6 responses to “Christ prays for His own.

  1. I think we all feel the attacks. We are in battle, and Christ is our only victory and safe harbor. I know what it’s like to try to express something… even my first two sentences here are only meager attempts to describe the sudden onslaughts – the sudden feeling of not being safe – taking grace for granted… Just tonight, I was overcome with sadness and great dread at the realization that God’s love is so fiery while we float along comfortably lukewarm, even cold in our devotions. It hits like a rock! Much harder than my words could ever describe. Hence, my sweet friend, I am very thankful for this Ryle excerpt and comforting reminder! Thank you!

    ” They stand and persevere to the end, not because of their own strength and goodness, but because Jesus intercedes for them… those words of Christ to Peter, “I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not.”

    I will cling to that!

    Grace and love!

    • Teresa

      Petra thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Those sudden attacks that throw us off kilter….they are terrifying! I think my mind would be a terrifying place without the Grace of God 🙂 But in HIS mercy he keeps me. That is an overwhelming concept to a lot of people but for me it’s what gives me peace and steadies my week knees and feeble attempts. Blessings to you xoxoxo

  2. Sweet T – I understand completely about not wanting to take the grace of God for granted. God forbid that we ever do this! We are, and always will be in ourselves, undeserving of His great mercies towards us.

    But equally, reading of your experience as a teenager, how you wished you could be ill and sick that you might stay in hospital where you felt safe as you didn’t experience that at home – and to hear you say that you had forgotten what it feels like to feel unsafe because of all that Christ has done for you – oh, my, give glory and praise to God! How He has taken you and redeemed you for Himself! What rich treasures He has given you in Him!

    So appreciate you sharing your heart like this. I love you and I give thanks to God for you.

  3. Teresa

    Thank you Diana, one of the greatest blessings and comforts God gives us (among so many, too many to mention it seems) are precious friends. I am so grateful for your friendship. I love you my friend! xoxoxo

  4. “The true servant of Christ ought to lean back his soul on the truth before us, and take comfort in it.”

    Amen. And thank you for your introduction dear sis. God has been faithful to you.

  5. I have read, reread, and re-read. I just had to come back and tell you how grateful I am for this post. I identify with so very, very much of what you have expressed. Your voice of experience, of having been in the fire and seen “the fourth Man walking,” has ministered to my soul in a way few others can. May God bless you again and again.

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