God sees the good

Thomas Watson,

Christian, thou settest hours apart for God, thy thoughts run upon him as thy treasure; God takes notice of every good thought. Mal. 3:16. ‘He had a book of remembrance written for them that thought upon his name.’ Thou enterest into thy closet, and prayest to thy Father in secret; he hears every sigh and groan. Psa 38: 9. ‘My groaning is not hid from thee.’ Thou waterest the seed of thy prayer with tears, God bottles every tear. Psa 56: 8. ‘Put thou my tears into thy bottle.’ When the secrets of all hearts shall be opened, God will make an honourable mention of the zeal and devotion of his people, and he himself will be the herald of their praises. 1 Cor. 4:5. ‘Then shall every man have praise of God.’

The infiniteness of God’s knowledge is a comfort, in case the saints have not a clear knowledge of themselves. They find so much corruption, that they judge they have no grace. Gen 25: 22. ‘If it be so, why am I thus?’ If I have grace, why is my heart in so dead and earthly a frame? oh remember, God is of infinite knowledge, he can spy grace where thou canst not; he can see grace hid under corruption, as the stars may be hid under a cloud. God can see that holiness in thee which thou canst not discern in thyself; he can spy the flower of grace in thee, though overtopped with weeds. I Kings 14:13. ‘Because there is in him some good thing.’ God sees some good thing in his people, when they can see no good in themselves; and though they judge themselves, he will give them an absolution.

Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth), pages 59,60



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2 responses to “God sees the good

  1. I also believe this is why God gives us friends – for they can often see the good in us what we cannot see ourselves, and in this way they bring some of His redemptive work into our lives. I speak from experience 🙂

    “Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.” (Prov 27:9)

    Love you!

  2. Teresa

    Yes Diana, so true! Thank you so much for sharing that scripture also. Love to you my friend

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