Taking a break

I have been very lax about posting things for the past few months. I have a very tight work schedule right now and my focus on reading, taking a class and trying to do get everything done plus blog has become a little overwhelming. I am getting help at work in the next month or so and I will hopefully have more time to focus on this blog in the future. In the meantime it’s a blog break for me.

Love and blessings to all…hope to come back soon refreshed and raring to go.



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4 responses to “Taking a break

  1. I am SO GLAD to hear you are getting some help at work! Praying this will relieve some of the pressure from you, and praying for your refreshing and encouragement in the Lord.

    “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” – Proverbs 11:25 – given the way you have refreshed us through your blog then I have no doubts you yourself will be refreshed at this time.

    Love and prayers!

  2. Pray it is a time of refreshment for you Teresa…

  3. Love you dearly! ❤
    I am so glad we will still be in touch.

  4. So glad that you will get some help. Meanwhile, don’t deplete yourself but fill up on Him and all His goodness, strength, and peace. Blessings!

    PS: That is such a cute picture! 🙂

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