Beloved, what is Heaven?

“In My Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.’—John 14:2.

Beloved, what is heaven? What is the final glory of the saints? Is it not the best place, the richest inheritance provided by the Father for the people ransomed and brought home to glory by His Son?

Yesterday was a difficult day.  The Mother of a childhood friend passed away from a long, hard struggle with Cancer a few days ago, and I attended the visitation last night.  When I saw the face of my dear, sweet friend, her first words were ” I don’t know how people who are not Christians do this”. This life can be filled with sadness and sorrow, love and beauty but according to God’s word it’s all fleeting. This world we know is passing away.  We as Children of God cling to the blessed hope of Heaven. It was a welcome relief to enter my Church yesterday and be able to sing praises to our God in Hymns that celebrate our joyful path to Heaven. Oh what a glorious gift God has given us!  I don’t ponder it enough dear reader and I thought it might be a wonderful encouragement for you to ponder it this fine Monday morning. Whatever your day brings, if Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior he has set aside a glorious place for you dear child to spend eternity with your King in Heaven.  There will be a day with no more sorrow, pain or tears. You will reside forever with the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What a Joyous day that will be!

I have included the lyrics to one of the songs we sang yesterday. “When we all get to Heaven” by Eliza E. Hewitt, followed by a few words of wisdom from Octavious Winslow.

For more information on Eliza’s own struggles and inspiring testimony click here:

Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,

  1. Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,
    Sing His mercy and His grace;
    In the mansions bright and blessed
    He’ll prepare for us a place. 

    • Refrain:
      When we all get to heaven,
      What a day of rejoicing that will be!
      When we all see Jesus,
      We’ll sing and shout the victory!
  2. While we walk the pilgrim pathway,
    Clouds will overspread the sky;
    But when trav’ling days are over,
    Not a shadow, not a sigh.
  3. Let us then be true and faithful,
    Trusting, serving every day;
    Just one glimpse of Him in glory
    Will the toils of life repay.
  4. Onward to the prize before us!
    Soon His beauty we’ll behold;
    Soon the pearly gates will open;
    We shall tread the streets of gold.

Heaven is a place designated by God

Chosen and consecrated by Him for the Church redeemed by the precious blood of His dear Son. And when we enter there, we shall enter as children welcomed to a Father’s home! It will be the best that God can give us! He will bestow upon us, who deserved the least, the best in His power to bestow—the best Savior, the best robe, the best banquet, the best inheritance.

In the new heaven and the new earth there will be nothing more to taint, nothing more to sully, nothing more to embitter, nothing more to wound—no serpent to beguile, no spoiler to destroy, no sin to defile, no adversity to sadden, no misunderstanding to alienate, no tongue to defame, no suspicion to chill, no tear, nor sickness, nor death, nor parting. It will be the best part of the pure, radiant, glorified universe which God will assign to His people! Saints of the Most High!

Let the prospect cheer, sanctify, and comfort you! It will not be long that you are to labor and battle here on earth. It is but a little while that you are to occupy your present sphere of conflict, of trial, and of sorrow. The time is coming—oh, how fast it speeds! Soon the Lord Jesus Christ will bring you home to heaven!

Grace Gems: Octavius Winslow (1808 – 1878)



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5 responses to “Beloved, what is Heaven?

  1. Sorry to hear about your day. Puts everything in perspective doesn’t it? I’m not even sure as Christians we always deal with death “well”, it’s just so awful. Yes, we have the hope of seeing our saved loved ones again – but that doesn’t take away the loss we experience now. And then there’s the whole issue of our unsaved loved ones.

    And now I’ve gone and made myself all sombre, just after I’ve been singing away to this: whilst doing my accountancy work! Thank you for introducing this wonderful hymn to me, I haven’t come across it before. Glorious! Yes, it was a wonderful encouragement to me to read this post. Even though I’ve talked myself into a more reflective mood now…Looking forward to that Joyous Day with you.

  2. Oh, yes, Lord! Come quickly Lord Jesus! Thank you, Teresa, for this Winslow quote and these reflections on our temporal and fleeting existence here on earth. I agree with your friend, “I don’t know how people who are not Christians do this.” In view of the fact that life is life a vapor, a mist, what grace we have been given to have hope Christ. May God ever keep our gaze every upward!

    Also, I love that hymn! It is one of my favorites!

    Love and blessings to you! Pray you had a beautiful day!

  3. I echo your friend’s words. Death hurts the ones left behind. Yes, we Christians are filled with a peace- and joy-giving hope, but death and sin are still so painful. The world lost in sin, our unsaved loved ones… painful. Thank God we have His strength made real in each of our pains and weaknesses! How did I cope before; how did I survive?

    You’ve posted beautiful words, my friend. I look forward to the day when death and tears are no more. I look forward to the day in which His righteousness reigns. I look forward to all these gifts with all of you! Blessings!

  4. I am so sorry for this family, I’ve been praying for them and will continue to do so.
    Oh how true it is,“I don’t know how people who are not Christians do this.” I read some of the things people are going through on Facebook and wonder how they do it without Christ. Actually I don’t know how I would get out of bed and face the day without Christ in this dark evil world we live in, without the hope I find in Him I could not do it.
    By the way Teresa this was such a lovely post, you really should write more often.

  5. Teresa

    Thank you everyone for your kind, encouraging words. I am still in prayer for this family. the sting and pain of death…sickness, well any kind of intense suffering are so hard to deal with. I know we all have scars that are still visible. I am so grateful that the Lord can use those scars to minister to others, offer a kind word and use them to share the Gospel with the lost and hurting. But it still hurts and sometimes it’s so very hard to understand or come to terms with.

    There can never be too much support during times like this. I am so blessed to be one of God’s children…and to be blessed with such sweet sisters as all of you. Love and blessings to you all this weekend and thank you all for reading my blog. Some days it’s just wonderful to pop in and see all your sweet faces…well avatars! Someday I will get to see them all, in person while we serve our Lord and Savior. What an amazing day that will be.

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