God Knows


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  1. Teresa – I am so thankful for having the opportunity to go back through some of the archives of your blog this morning. I’ve found some great gems, but none better than this one! What comfort – God knows. Even more comforting – despite Him knowing, He still loves us!

    I wrote this song when I was in that dark place many years ago. Summed it all up for me really. Bless you Teresa!

    The greatest fear I have is that I’m on my own,
    That no-one can truly understand what I am going through –
    Dark nights of my soul, deep anguish in my heart
    From this agony I long to be set free!

    I needed a friend, someone to stand with me,
    Who’s suffered the pain and can encourage me.
    Will I ever comprehend this amazing truth –
    My Creator and my Lord can empathize with me?

    As I look into His eyes
    My heart skips a beat, I have to look again
    Compassion in His eyes clearly says “Me too”
    I am reassured that I am not alone.

    The pain I feel is nothing when compared with His
    The Father turned His back on Him, could not bear to look;
    Will I ever comprehend the torment of His soul
    As on that brutal cross He hung, my sin upon His back?


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