The Visitor from the Past!

Posted by lamarzulli on March 31, 2009

Robert Birdwell finds himself suddenly transported from 1860 to the present day, 2009! He is amazed at what he sees around him, cars, planes, television, radio, the computer and all the complexities and conveniences that abound in the modern age.

He is also dumbfounded at other spectacles. He finds it hard to believe the overt display of sexual content everywhere, from billboards, to television ads, like Victoria Secret. He is speechless as he watches his first MTV video where men and half naked women gyrate in time with the thumping music as the singer raps in rhyme, using language that he finds deplorable. He learns that abortion has killed 50 million babies in their mothers wombs and that with all of our medical advances we can now, kill the babies in the ninth month of pregnancy. He discovers that almost 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and that there is an epidemic drug problem that is ruining the lives of millions. He witnesses his first gay parade, as men kiss other men, openly. He learns of gang violence and witnesses the brutal drive by shooting of a teenage girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is told that this type of crime is common in all of our cities.

He hears from our sitting president that we have to pump another trillion dollars into the economy to bail it out. He wonders where all this money is going to come from and is perplexed at the role that government has taken. It is a far cry from what he remembers.

He goes to his first movie and is amazed at the larger than life scenes that flash before his eyes. To his astonishment there is a scene in the movie that shows two people having intercourse. He is shocked and disturbed by this and leaving his seat exits the theater. He picks up a news paper and sees that the wandering Jew, has finally come home again and the nation of Israel is a reality. He learns about people who blow themselves up killing hundreds of innocent bystanders, he is told that they are the suicide bombers and are part of daily life in the Middle East. He is terrified when he is told about the atomic bomb. He learns of it’s destruction and how we now have the ability to destroy ourselves hundreds of times over. He is given a tour of the Internet and realizes that all the knowledge of preceding centuries can be found there. He marvels at how our culture can have so much and yet in some ways behave no better than wild animals. He is shocked to learn that it is against the law to say a prayer in our schools, to mention God in the classroom, and that reading from Bible is forbidden in most schools. He discovers that people are immersed in the occult, as they consult mediums to find out what will happen in the future. That horoscopes, eastern mysticism, gurus and spirit guides are popular. He goes to a mega-church and hears how he can become wealthy and prosperous. Overwhelmed by what he has experienced he has only one wish…. to leave this nightmarish place and return home….

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