What are you thankful for?

Times are tough. Turn on the tv and you will hear about lost jobs, homes and hopes. We serve a mighty God and if you are like me, sometimes we have to stop and take a little inventory of all the wonderful things he has blessed us with. I think right now might be a good time….ok I will start!

1. A warm day with SUNSHINE! Nothing like melting snow to remind me that with God, all things are brand new and his mercy is too! (every morning, how amazing!)
2. Pets (specially kitties!)
3. A good cup of coffee.
4. Good health. I take this for granted so much. And I vow to take better care of my “temple” in the months to come.
5. My family. I have been so blessed to have wonderful, crazy, interesting people who love me and I love them.
6. My JOB (in all caps because I have to say it constantly I LOVE MY JOB I LOVE MY JOB lol) I am so blessed above measure to have a good job…Lord thank you!
7. Blogging buddies. God, your peeps are the best and I love em’!
8. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! How did I ever make it before without you Lord? You are everything to me!

Now it’s your turn!


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