The Church is gonna party like it's 1999..

Mars Hill Church Sponsors New Year’s Eve Booze ‘n Dance Club

We’ve come a long way from church-sponsored Watch Night services where prayer and hymn singing by God’s people ushered in the New Year. Mark Driscoll is turning his church into a club, Friday News Notes reports.

Mars Hill Church in Seattle is hosting a “Red Hot Bash2″ on December 31 ( )featuring Bobby Medina and his Red Hot Band, “one of the top dance bands in the Northwest,” which will play everything “from Swing to Latin to Motown and beyond.” Participants are invited to “come bust a move on the enormous dance floor” and are reminded to bring their ID’s so they can enjoy the champagne bar. We are told that the church facility will be “transformed into a posh club” and there will be a dance contest. This church is pastored by Mark Driscoll, the president of the Acts 29 church planting network.

Back in 2005, I wrote this piece about Saddleback’s Hollywood Glitz and Glam dance. This is not the Church of Jesus Christ. Our Savior does have a Bride, and she is being kept pure and spotless and chaste. The whore church that has no heart for holiness, that would rather sponsor dance contests than prayer meetings, that makes like Belshazzar’s Feast with the champagne flowing and voluptuous partying, instead of seeking God’s help to walk rightly in increasingly bleak times, is not the Bride of Christ. It goes against everything we read in Holy Scripture about the conduct and comportment of those who have left the world behind, taken up their crosses and followed in the Christ’s footsteps.

Let these people party on in their “churches”. Anyone who challenges them biblically will only get howled down by the pleasure-mad evangelical mob. But as the 2007 turns over into 2008, may those who have truly taken up their crosses and followed Jesus re-commit ourselves to prayer and walking in holiness so that our lives may be lights in our very dark country.


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