Vain Labor

As we prepare to start a new workweek I find that I need a new, fresh attitude. Cleaning up and packing away my Christmas stuff, as well as my office is quite an undertaking. I must take inventory of all the stuff I need to keep and throw out the accumulated junk. I dread this, but I know I need to do it. I want to start this week, and this new year with a renewed sense of who I am in Christ, and a joy in living that I have not yet experienced (or even dared to pursue). I think I may be on this topic for a few weeks, so be forewarned! Not new years resolutions, but honor and glory to our Lord for a new chance and a new year. Now getting back to going to work tomorrow. I used to look forward to it, and now I am trying to figure out if I need a new job or a new attitude? Anyone else understand this one? I am happy that I am employed and I need to be grateful and understand that all of my work done in honesty and with the right mindset honors God. Love you all and bless you in your workweek, and blessing and prayers to those of you looking for a job. God will bless you and honor your prayers, he loves you and hears you. Tomorrow is a new day and his mercies are new every morning! Love you all, Mrs Bucket.

Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase. Proverbs 13:11

A successful actress had made millions on her looks alone. Her face had graced the pages of a hundred ads, and she appeared on television and in movies regularly. She received as much as sixty thousand dollars for an episode of a regular series on television. Everything seemed to be going well until an accident scarred her, and she was no longer in demand. Though she had made millions, she spent millions just as fast. She left acting a poor and bitter woman.

We often envy the life of stars. We believe that they have everything a person could want and that their lives are somehow magical. There is magic in the lives of stars, but it is not all good. Some of the magic is “here today, gone tomorrow”. Nothing is permanent, and the big money they make is gone with nothing to show for it.

It is good to be satisfied with what we receive for the labors we pursue. What we receive as wages for the work we do is money well received and deserved. WE can be proud of the fact that we work hard for our money. It is right that we should receive gain for the effort we put forth. God rewards those who are steadfast in their labors. Those who receive wealth for their vanities have already received their reward.

Prayer: Make me steadfast in my endeavors, O LORD. Keep my eyes set on my labors, and bless all my efforts. Let me feel the joy and contentment that honest labor brings, almighty God. Amen.


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